If You Think You Understand News, Then Read This

Funny Moments for Newcastle United

Good or bad, Newcastle United is always in the news headlines.

Today, Newcastle United has a manager in the person of Rafa Benitez who is one of Europe’s best managers. Under his management, it seems that everything is fine with the team. Now the fans can simply laugh at the occurrences that have happened before, embarrassing perhaps, but laughable at present. Fans must surely remember some, if not all, of these funny events.

IN many headlines in the past, the name Alan Pardew has come up. It is not only Pardew’s brilliant deeds that made the headlines, but even the dreadful and the downright hilarious ones. Pardew is always involved in controversy but this is the worst of it all. During the match at Hull City, Pardew head-butted Hull midfielder David Meyler. For that head-butt, Pardew had to pay a fine of ?100,000 by Newcastle United, and ?60,000 by the FA.

When two players of your team square up in a game, it is something unusual and funny, a football lol, and this is what happened to Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer. Players usually square up to players of the opposing team. And this is a common occurrence. The funny thing is that Dyer and Bowyer were teammates in the Toon Army at that time. For their violent behaviors, the two players both received red cards. It was a bad game with the team losing 3 – 0 to Aston Villa at home.

Fans believe that Sunderland is no match to Newcastle United especially at home. But it did happen and with a crushing 3 – 0 defeat at that. And this one fan was so upset about the loss that he poured out his anger on a poor police horse called Bud. The fan was 45 year old Barry Rogerson who took out his frustrations on the horse and taunted it before punching its head. Because of this moronic actions, he was sentenced to jail for a year. There will be worse years to follow for this humiliation.

There are many poor managers that Newcastle United has employed but none the worse than Joe Kinnear. Kinnear’s career had so many funny moments although during those times, it was really quite terrible. The most hilarious of all was when he tried to sign someone who already plays for his team. This happened when Kinnear attended a League Cup game between Swansea and Birmingham. The Brummies loaned Shane Ferguson from Newcastle during that time. Ferguson played a great game and he dominated the midfield. Kinnear was impressed and announced that he was going to sign the player. At first, the press thought he was making a joke, only to find out that he didn’t know that Ferguson was one of his players at Newcastle. Singing up your own player? Nothing like that has ever happened before!